Week 8   Back

Tarmac laid and the front finished!  What an amazing result!

Just that last bit of rubbish to be removed...  

They could have moved the tea mug for the photo!

Week 7

Then the turfs started to arrive....!

Slowly but surely a beautiful lawn was slowly revealed.

Week 6

The 100 tonnes of topsoil started to arrive...

Then came the mammoth task of getting the ground ready to lay the turfs!

Week 5

Remember that ugly old gas tank...?  Well now it's gone!

A brand new tank was relocated to a better position and was disguised by burying it in a new planter!

Am I the only one humming a well know Beatles classic...?

Week 5

Work outside is racing on!

The outside electrics had been installed and then the house had a coat of gleaming white render... beautiful!

The guys were also hard at work using the sleepers that had arrived, over 600 of them!

Week 4

Inside, work continues apace.  

The stylish double face log burner is being installed and so is a wonderful new kitchen topped off with a granite worktop.

Week 4

Round the front, the new porch is emerging.

Week 4

Hmmmm.... Those are some big holes... I wonder what there're for.

Keep an eye on the ugly gas tank... now you see it...

Week 3

Meanwhile, back outside, a fabulous new roof had been put on the house and garage and some elegant aluminium doors and windows had been installed.

The garden had a touch of remodelling too!

Week 2

The inside was not going to be left out!  Some hefty steels were needed so in they went!

Week 1

There was going to be a lot of removal before any improvements could be seen.