How We Cost Projects

Many of our clients have commented on the transparency of our estimating and billing system, we clearly outline at the beginning all that is included in the Estimate.

Additionally, we ensure that the costs for any requested additions are agreed and shown throughout the project, making sure that there are no financial surprises when the project comes to an end.

Our estimates are very competitive, combining excellent value for money with the high standards we expect. Our estimates, although not always the cheapest, are thorough as we include everything down to the last screw.  This ensures that the price we quote is the price you pay.

Quote or an Estimate? - We often get asked by clients what the difference is between an Estimate and a Quote. An Estimate lays out costs as an overall guide to the finished price, but is not binding.  A Quote is the fixed price to undertake the works to completion.  

However, costs could rise for a number of reasons -

Clients exceeding the costing/budget allowances for each phase or 'upping the spec' i.e if tiles are chosen that exceed the allowance cost.Clients requiring additional work not originally costed. Unforeseen circumstances that neither the client, architect or contractor has been able to predict. For instance, we recently revealed a disused well when digging foundations.  This was an exceptional circumstances but does highlight possible issues regarding costing.